FOXOF is an esteemed camping and outdoor brand in need of a captivating logo that artfully incorporates elements of a fox. The chosen logo design features two fox tails gracefully crossing each other in a geometric fashion, cleverly forming the letter 'x' in FOXOF. The thoughtful use of three colors, inspired by the natural hues found in the exquisite fur of foxes, lends an authentic touch to the design.
The bold and refined font selected for the name "FOXOF" exudes professionalism while upholding the essence of simplicity, perfectly aligning with the brand's identity. Furthermore, meticulous attention to detail is evident as the logo adheres to the golden ratio, creating harmonious and aesthetically pleasing curves within the tails. This striking logo epitomizes the spirit of FOXOF, portraying a seamless blend of elegance and ruggedness synonymous with the camping and outdoor lifestyle.
The Process:
Client Presentation:
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