This logo design, named "Bamboo," incorporates several elements that convey its intended message. The presence of a paw symbol alludes to pandas, which are widely recognized for their association with bamboo consumption. The diagonal cut in the font design is reminiscent of bamboo's characteristic construction patterns. Additionally, two leaf-like details are incorporated on both "b" characters, representing the natural foliage found atop bamboo stalks. The color palette of green and grey enhances the logo's appeal, as these shades complement each other harmoniously, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing design.
This logo is only the text and can be attached to more simpler logo designs or to whatever the client desires
This is the same as the first one, but the icon is located left to the logo. The natural spacing between the b's leave and the paw has a nice flow to it and it creates a nice spacing dynamic in the logo design.

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