The client expressed a desire for an antique logo design with a strong emphasis on simplicity. The intention behind this approach is to evoke a sense of trustworthiness, professionalism, and safety. By keeping the design minimalistic, the logo creates a pleasant impression. The color scheme, featuring a combination of gold and dark blue, adds an abstract element to the design and proves to be mutually complementary, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.
This is considered a text only logo design, which can be applied to many different occasions. The two golden symbols have a lot of potential in video editing software where they can be used for animations in a commercial or promo video.
This logo design is very similar to the others, but the icon has become a circle which a PNG embedded, and the colors have been swapped. Evanzy as a good label suits very good with a dark blue icon next to it. The gold color has potential to be a gold printed part on magazines or books, which can be seen as a reflective experience towards the viewer.

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